"Oh, Oh, Wasi!"

A couple days ago Dusty was writing out a grocery list with Sawyer. Dusty went to attend to Jahnabell who was playing on the floor. When Dusty turned around, Sawyer had started his own list, only it wasn't a list, it was a song. "I'm writing a song!" Sawyer exclaimed. A few minutes later Sawyer had a request. "Mommy can I play the piano?" Next thing you know, Dusty got this moment on camera:

I'm not sure what a "Wasi" is but one thing is for sure, the Lord has created us to praise him.

"From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise" Psalm 8:2

Samuel Ramsey

I am a filmmaker, freelance photographer, and musician who loves the visual art of cinema. My passion is to tell stories visually, combining intriguing imagery with emotive musical scores.