From Dusty, With Love. . .

Hi yall! It’s me, the lady of the house. I am sitting in Sam’s office listening to him practice for this Sunday. He will be playing keys with Daniel and the other guys this weekend. You read that correctly: keys. Now, some of you may not know that Sam can play the piano. I actually did not find this out until AFTER we were married. It was the snowy Christmas of 2012. We were out at Rambellwood (this is what Sam’s childhood home was called. It was a beautiful farm in East Texas. Hence where the name of his family band comes from). We were all gathered in the parlor with Bonny talking and, most likely, eating dessert. Sam sat down at the baby grand piano that lived in the parlor. He started playing the most beautiful song. Of course, everyone else knew he could play. I started going on about how I did not know he could play. We were all chatting when we heard a loud “SHHHHH” come from Bonny. We all got quiet, except for Sam. He kept playing. When he plays music, the world disappears. Bonny was motioning for us all to be quiet. She wanted to hear him play. She closed her eyes as we all sat in silence and listened to him play, the snow falling outside. Listening to him play now reminds me so much of that time.

This Residency has already been a grand adventure for our family. In the few short months Sam has been in it, I have seen so much growth in him musically and more importantly spiritually. He is an awesome filmmaker; no one can deny that. But, yall, he is a phenomenal musician. And I love hearing him play, which is a good thing, because he does all day long. And I really love where the Lord is taking us as a family. I love the Lord equipping Sam even more to be a leader, both in our family and in our community. I love the people the Lord has brought in our lives. I love the timing of it all.

I am so thankful for where the Lord has brought us, and where He is taking us. A quick update on the kiddos (since they are the cuteness to our family): Sawyer still loves everything music. He asks me daily if we can go to the instrument store. He loves singing loudly, no matter where we are. It is so sweet to hear him sing “Our King Eternal who was and is to come” to complete strangers. “Jesus True and Only” is currently his favorite song. Jahnabell is keeping us on our toes. She isn’t even 10 months old yet, and she is cruising all over the place. Her smile lights up every room. And her laugh: Best. Sound. Ever. We love you guys!

Samuel Ramsey

I am a filmmaker, freelance photographer, and musician who loves the visual art of cinema. My passion is to tell stories visually, combining intriguing imagery with emotive musical scores.