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The only way to describe the past few weeks is to say that my heart is full. When I am serving as unto the Lord alongside a team with the same heart and mission, the hard work and long hours are always worth it!  Last Sunday night was an incredible experience. It was an opportunity for the church at Austin Stone to sing new songs alongside each other - to lift high the name of Jesus.

I was blessed by the opportunity to serve alongside an amazing team of songwriters, musicians, and artists. I was given the opportunity to build eight, sixteen foot lengths of LED lighting. A big thank you goes to the multi-talented Nathan Jennings for showing me how to build them and to Mark Olsen and Wes Ardis for helping assemble! Every detail was put in place to call attention to our excellent God. It's easy to get caught up in perfectionism when putting together an event like this, but once the night began it was clear that the team was there with one purpose alone, and that was to magnify and lift high the name of Jesus! Over the past year our church has been going through the book of 1st Peter. This book talks much of human suffering here on earth; and doing so with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Because of what Christ has done: He has trampled sin and death and given us the hope of eternity with Him! "We only have one hope to hold, were sin is crushed and hearts unfold! (from the song: Jesus Lifted High)

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The same week, Austin Stone Worship hosted a Worship Intensive and brought in 30 worship leaders from all over the United States to spend 2 days and praying and encouraging one another. As leaders called to be on the front lines of ministry these two short days were used in an impactful way. These Worship Intensives are one of my favorites things we get to do and one of the most meaningful experiences in my residency. Getting to hear from the guys who have been called to lead The Austin Stone Community Church in worship week after week is always a critical and impactful reminder for me personally. They talk candidly of their struggles and how they persevere to continually point their people to the hope we have in Jesus.

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This Sunday I am leading worship at Trinity Chapel Bible in Ft. Worth. I am continually humbled and blessed by the opportunity to lead people in songs of praise to our risen King. "There is no other so sure and steady, our hope is held in his hand" (from the song: Jesus Is Better). Speaking of new songs, Austin Stone Worship actually released their new album Everflow today! Go check it out!!! The content of these new songs are incredibly rich and full of hope: the hope in Christ that anchors our soul amid a turbulent world!

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