Yes, that's me tilling the garden on the bottom left, and that's my chubby face there in the background. Growing up on 30 acres in East Texas was pretty cool. Being the oldest of 7 kids was also cool. Let me tell you, being the oldest of 7 children is quite an experience. An experience I wouldn't trade for anything. My siblings and I were blessed with a childhood full of music. I can remember sitting at the foot of our upright piano listening to my dad play worship tunes. At age 12 I started learning guitar and making up songs with my 7-year-old sister. We ended up forming a family band and playing local gigs around the community and also leading worship as a family at our church. Then I went off to college. I learned how to make films and along the way I met someone. Her name was Dusty. Now we're married and have two amazing little kiddos, Sawyer and Jahnabell. The miracle of life is an incredible gift from God and inspires and compels me to praise the Creator.

"you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:13

There is something about being a dad that brings to life the beauty and intentionality of God's creation. It also gives perspective of how God loves us as children. All of the difficulties in life can be impossible to understand much of the time. I can see myself in the questioning eyes of my 2-year-old as he listens to my persistent requests to hold my hand while we cross the street. As I enter a new season of life as a husband and father of two, God continues to guide my path. This path now leads to a worship residency at The Austin Stone Community Church. Here a new journey begins and I am excited to share this endeavor with friends and family. To learn more about my journey visit my blog